2 Step Stool for Kids (2 Pack) | Toddler Stool for Toilet Potty Training | Slip Resistant Soft Grip for Safety as Bathroom Potty Stool and Kitchen Step Stool | Dual Height & Wide Two...



iLove 2 step stools are so helpful for toddlers and kids – in the bathroom, home and kitchen - that owning 1 stool is not enough for most families. In order to provide you greater value per dollar spent, we priced our 2 pack as a limited time introductory deal!
Our 2 pack includes a TOTAL of 2 stools per order * Color: White w/ Gray * Size: Dual Height w/ Wide 2 Steps
Stool Dimensions: 10.5” High x 12.7” Wide x 14” Deep. The 1st step is 5.5” High and 5.5" Deep.
iLove 2 step stools use thick slip resistant rubber feet for floor grip - unlike other stools which use thin plastic feet inserts (see photo comparison). The stool feet perform best on clean, dry, oil-free floors. The gray strip on the 1st step and gray top on the 2nd step are made of slip resistant, soft grip rubber for child comfort and secure traction. Our durable reinforced base can hold up to 175 lbs; more than enough to give children the reassurance they need to feel safe and confident as they step up to independence and transition from toilet potty training, to washing hands and brushing teeth at the sink, to finally reaching counter tops and cabinets in the home and kitchen.
* iLove stools are stylishly designed to match any house décor. Our logo is tastefully placed in the upper right corner of the stool face, and our product label is unobtrusively located out of view on the left side of the stool, unlike other stool brands which advertise front and center.
* With our easy grab handles, even small children can pick up and move our lightweight, portable stools that are stackable for quick storage under cabinets.
* All materials are non-toxic, BPA free, and PVC free, with a stain resistant design that is easy to wipe down and clean.
iLove stools are factory tested, built to last, and backed by our no questions asked, 100% lifetime money back guarantee.

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