Acrylic Glass Bird Feeder Set - Spill-proof, Crystal clear - Easy to install with 2 Hooks, Economical - Perch provides enjoyable eating time to Finch, Parakeet, Sparrows - Perfect for all Cage Sizes




  • CLEAR DESIGN WITH BIG SIZED TRAY WITH 3 PARTS --- This sleek transparent bird feeder has a huge three part food tray. It is large enough to allow multiple birds to feed at once as it can hold more than 4 cups of seeds at one time. The 3 Parts allow you to use 3 different kinds of seeds to attract different birds. The clear feeder, allows you an easy, up-close viewing of these feathered friends.
  • UNIQUE & PRACTICAL DRAINAGE SYSTEM --- There are special drain holes in both the tray and main feeder. This allows any condensation or dampness to escape. Keeping the seeds fresh and dry and mold free.
  • DURABLE ACRYLIC LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIAL WITH BIG --- This 11.8 × 5.1 × 4 inches SunGrow feeder is made from acrylic also known as Perspex. It is a lightweight shatter resistant alternative to glass. You can see right through the crystal clear surface and enjoy some bird watching from close up.
  • EASY INSTALLATION --- Installing the SunGrow window bird feeder is very easy. Clean the glass window before placing suction cups. After cleaning, press the 3 suction cups into the glass as shown in the picture. This will ensure your feeder remains securely attached even in wet or snowy weather.
  • CLIMATE PROTECTION --- The window bird feeder is designed to protect the bird seeds from bad weather conditions. A practical roof covers the seeds and so they won’t get wet from rain and snow.
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