Alpha Living 60010 Universal Large Pots and Pans, Vented Tempered Glass-Graduated Lid Fits 11 inch, 11.5 inch, 12 inch Cookware


Size:: Small


  • Universal lid for pots and pans - Alpha's universal lid comes in two different sets of sizes. The smaller round glass lid (60005) covering 9. 5, 10, and 11 inches (24, 26, 28 cm) and the larger lid (60010) covering 11, 12, and 12. 5 inches (28, 30, 32cm).
  • Easy to use and maintain - Alpha's cookware lids are straight-forward and easy to use and clean; just place it on top of any standard sized pot or pan. The lids are dishwasher safe and the lid’s structure is designed by shape and material to be made easy for wiping and general cleaning.
  • Safety oriented - Alpha's heat resistant silicone handles prevent anyone from burning their hands when touching the universal lid. The hole in the tempered glass allows for steam ventilation and prevents the possibility of overflowing pressure.
  • Air-tight fit- Alpha's multi-functional universal glass lid Fits air tight with all standard sizes above to ensure that your food stays warm and its flavor stays fresh.
  • Fitting - 11, 12, and 12. 5 inches (28, 30, 32cm).
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