Baby Noise Cancelling Headphones, Baby Earmuffs, Baby Headphones, Baby Ear Protection, Baby Headphones Noise Reduction, Blue by JOINT STARS


2 Colors:: Baby Blue


Best Gifts For Babies
Gift-wrapped packaging and cute design make these headphones perfect gifts for babies, also a great choice to make parents life easier.

Protect Anywhere
Protect your baby anywhere, perfect for bringing them to concerts, airplanes, fireworks shows, music events, cinemas etc.

Keep Out Noise
Effectively keep out any noise at daytime, such as vacuum cleaner, home decoration, lawn mower etc, not only protects baby’s hearing but also helps baby sleep better and longer.

Zero Pressure
Large internal space design makes it no pressure on baby's ears, with Skin-friendly and soft padded headband on top, all we expect is to see a beautiful smile on your baby's face.

Perfect Fit
Depend on the different head size the adjustable band fits perfectly for varies of each baby. Wider range of adjustment helps to find proper size accurately and prevents baby from shaking it off easily.

Ultra Quiet
Seamless design we applied to our baby noise canceling headphones completely covered baby's ears with no gap, totally prevented the noise from coming in.

Light, Durable
High-quality ABS material chosen to minimize the weight which makes our earmuffs highly portable and easy to carry, also super sturdy and durable.

Risk Free:
100% Skin-friendly material
60 days money back guarantee
Lifetime warranty
CE authorized

JOINT STARS - Always provide the best for you
"Listen to your voice and provide you everything with our heart".

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