BAYCHEER Pet Hair Remover Brush | Lint Remover Brush with Self-Cleaning Base | Perfect for Clothing | Furniture, Couch | Carpet




Perfect For: Upholstered Furniture Clothing Carpets Linens Beds Pillows Fabric car seats And more! How to use the brush: 1. Follow the direction of bristles when in use: Swipe it against the grain (rough) on items. If you brush with the grain (smooth) or move the brush in a back-and-forth motion, it will not pick up as much hair, fur or lint as it should. 2. Once the brush is covered with mess dip the brush into the self-cleaning base and pull it out to remove any buildup from the brush. Immediately the brush is ready for use. 3. The fur or lint are collected into the collection tray at the bottom of the base. Simply open the tray and dispose of the content when the base is full. How to open the base: Please follow the instructions indicated in the last picture; First, release the buckle of the base on one side. Next, release the buckle on the other side of the base, then successfully open the cleaning base. MACY HOUSE lint brush makes your daily cleaning easier and faster Tired of fussing with a tape-style lint roller or a clunky vacuum cleaner? There is a better solution. Our brush is proven to be excellent in removing hair, fur and lint from furniture, clothing and more. The double-sided design allows you to remove mess from the problem area 2x faster than a single-sided brush. Benefit from the self-cleaning base; you’ll never waste money on another refill such as adhesive tapes. What You Get: Mudeela Standard-size pet hair remover brush x 1 45-Day Money-back guarantee for any reason 18-Month warranty for quality-related issues 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

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