Blazin Sticks S’more Kit, Marshmallow Roasting Sticks, Perfect Campfire Accessories To Protect Your Kids While Creating Lasting Memories KID FRIENDLY Bamboo Skewers 3 Foot Long, 110 Sticks Per Pack




  • KEEP YOUR KIDS A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THE FIRE WITH OUR KID FRIENDLY 3 FOOT LONG ROASTING STICKS. Get nervous having your kids close to the campfire when making their smores. You will find instant relief with our perfect campfire accessories extra long bamboo skewers keeping your kids at a safe distance
  • BECAUSE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ARE WORTH PROTECTING. Not only will these extra long marshmallow sticks keep your kids at a safe distance, tips are not excessively sharp so you will not have to worry about stabbing your fingers when putting marshmallows on the wooden kabob sticks
  • ENJOY YOUR TIME AT THE CAMPFIRE, NOT IN THE KITCHEN CLEANING. No cleaning needed here, just add to your fire when you are finished cooking. Our biodegradable bamboo skewers are safe to toss into the campfire once you are done
  • OTHER SELLERS WANT YOU TO KEEP WASTING MONEY ON THIS. DON'T FALL FOR IT. Used the short skewers that are flimsy and cannot hold heavier foods, ending up in campfires. Try our heavy duty disposable Blazzin Sticks and you'll be in love with them, creating family memories. Quality Made. Perfect for grill smore hot dogs kebabs and appetizers
  • PURPLE CLAY BRANDS IS COMMITTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS SATIFICATION. If for any reason you are not happy with your order, contact us we want to make it right for you
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