CalmingWeight Blanket - Weighted Comfort Helps You Fall Asleep Faster and Stay Asleep - Machine Wash and Dry – for 170-230 Pound Individuals - 80x60- Queen - 20 pounds




  • ✔ SLEEP SOUNDLY EVERY NIGHT: Imagine how much more Calm, Clear and Focused you will be during the day when you are able to FALL ASLEEP FASTER and STAY ASLEEP LONGER! If Stress or Insomnia keep you awake at night, our CalmingWeight Blanket can help to improve your sleep quality with no side effects so you can face the next day feeling grounded, with the energy and focus that you need!
  • ✔ CALMS YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM: Like a full-body hug or swaddling an infant, weighed blankets use Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation (DPTS). Long used in therapy for people with high sensory needs, weighted blankets have been found to help many people who suffer from insomnia. Curl up under the security of your weighted blanket and feel your worries slip away as you drift off into a sound, restorative slumber.
  • ✔ BUILT TO LAST AND MACHINE WASHABLE: We have designed our blankets with the HIGHEST QUALITY FABRICS AND MATERIALS available. Our blankets are made with STRONG, DURABLE DOWN-PROOF COTTON. They are weighted with rounded GLASS BEADS which makes our blanket thinner, more comfortable, and quieter than a blanket with poly pellets. Because of the construction techniques we employ, the beads cannot escape from the blanket, even when you MACHINE WASH and DRY it!
  • ✔ GREAT SIZE FOR 170-230 LB INDIVIDUALS. While there is no exact science to what weight blanket each person will like, we have found that people between 170-230 pounds tend to enjoy this 20 lb Queen-sized blanket. If you are unsure what weight to order, pile blankets on top of you until they feel great, and then step on the scale holding those blankets to weigh them.
  • ✔ SAFE FOR CHILDREN, ADULTS or TEENS: If your child crawls into bed with you at night, rest assured, we have had our glass beads tested for lead at a USA CPSC-Approved Lab, and issued a Children’s Product Certificate for every production run of blankets, even those blankets that are sized for adults or youth. With our 100-day money-back guarantee, you can PURCHASE RISK-FREE so click on the “Add to Cart” Button Today!
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