GoBold Humane Smart Mouse Trap–2 Pack No Kill, Live Catch and Release Mousetraps–Safe Around Kids & Pets–Works for Mice, Rats & Other Small Rodents–2019 Updated Design–Cleaning Brush Included




  • ✅ CATCH MICE WITHOUT KILLING THEM - Get rid of pesky rodents in your house in a totally cruelty free and non-violent way without using poison or glue pads; choose it as a peaceful solution to win the war against small furry intruders
  • ✅ EASY TO USE - Place some nut butter or cheese inside the bait catch and open the spring door; when a mouse is caught, take the trap out and open the backdoor to release it into the wild; clean the mouse trap afterward and reuse it as many times as needed; a bonus cleaning brush is included
  • ✅ CLEVER & EFFECTIVE UPDATED DESIGN - Spring door will close to prevent escape; with a clear tunnel, check any trapped mouse without opening the plastic mouse trap; new updated model with added air holes; air holes have 2 uses: lure mouse with bait’s smell and prevent suffocation
  • ✅ CHILD & PET SAFE – Unlike conventional methods where poison, snap and glue traps pose risk to little kids and domestic animals, our temporary holding cell is totally safe even with children around; the captured mouse stays inside the trap and there is no need to touch it and risk being bitten or catching a disease
  • ✅ IDEAL GIFT FOR ANIMAL LOVERS – Recommended by American animal protection organizations like PETA, this rodent bait trap makes the perfect gift for people who respect and cannot harm even the smallest of animals; not only for mice, but also for lizards, shrews, hamsters, vole and small rats
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