HOOAI Carburetor Adjustment Tool Kit for Common 2 Cycle Carburator Engine - Carburetor Adjustment Tool Set Carburetor Tune up Adjusting Tool (10pcs + Cleaning Tool)




  • A whole MUST-TO-HAVE carburetor adjustment tool set, to keep engine with EPA specifications
  • Comes with 21 Teeth Splined + 7 Teeth Splined + Single D + Small Head Single D + Double D + Pac Man + Small Head Pac Man + Hexagon + Shapde + Six Star.
  • Convenient to use with every adjustment tool's handle stamped with the tip shape. 1/4 turn is the most used increments when tuning a carburetor.Easier to tell 1/4 turn increments on setting mixture ratio with square handles.
  • Made of long lasting stainless steel, ergonomic grip and metal pole.
  • With a carrying case to protect the tools, also to keep all the screw drivers from scattering around, easy to have all the 8 tools organized in one place.
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