Hoont 8482; Powerful Outdoor Water Jet Blaster Animal Pest Repeller - Motion Activated - Blasts Cats, Dogs, Squirrels, Birds, Deer, Etc. Out of Your Property



  • POWERFUL & EFFECTIVE - The Hoont™ Water Jet Blaster Animal Repeller sprays a powerful yet harmless jet of water as soon as it detects an animal invading your property. Scares away all animals, such as cats, dogs, squirrels, skunks, deer, wild animals, birds, etc.
  • EASY SET UP & ADJUSTABLE - Very easy to set up. Choose the area where animals are roaming, insert the unit into the ground using the provided stake and connect to a garden hose.
  • LOW WATER CONSUMPTION - When the built-in sensor detects movement within a range of up to 30 feet, the jet of water is activated for approximately 5 seconds.
  • 100% HUMANE & SAFE FOR YOU AND YOUR PETS - The Hoont™ Water Jet Blaster Animal Repeller is the most humane method for keeping animals and pests out of your property. It doesn't kill or harm the animals; it just sprays them with an annoying squirt of water.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Requires 4 "AA" batteries (Batteries not included) / Motion sensor detection range up to 30 ft. / Detection angle: Approx. 120° / Water spraying angle: 360° (adjustable) / Monitored area: Approx. 650 sq. ft.
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