Hudson Essentials Insects and Bug Catcher Vacuum

Hudson EssentialsSKU: SFXXSHCCVE



  • Catch and Release: Capture bugs , insects, and spiders from a safe distance with ease
  • Easy-to-operate controls ensure that our insect catcher vacuums is the perfect bug catcher for kids and adults. Anyone can use the insect trap safely and with ease
  • Humane and Chemical FREE: The most humane way to deal with bugs and insects, allowing you to easily catch and release. You will not have to get your furniture and walls dirty by smashing or swatting ever again
  • Powerful , Lightweight and Portable (Please Note: Requires 1 high quality 9V battery such as Energizer or Duracell for optimal operation)
  • Suction force to draws bugs in and prevents them from easily escaping, without squashish or injuring them
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