Milliard Durable 48" x 20" Waterproof Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat / Warm Heating Pad to Increase and Expedite Plant Growth




  • Seedling heat mat is perfect for vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings
  • Warms roots and soil an extra 10°-20° degrees to optimize conditions for growing during colder months or in indoor gardening applications.
  • Evaporation of water from the soil gently humidifies budding leaves to keep them moist and turgid with frequent watering
  • Double-insulated waterproof construction safeguards against spills or accidents, and growing guides are printed directly on the mat for quick reference
  • Includes: Heat Pad, Power Cord, and Instructions. 100W/120V. Measures 48x20 inches. MET Certified

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