New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Plus Water Filter System and Cartridge

New Wave EnviroSKU: SF5O075044

Color:: 10 Stage Filter System


  • Drink safe water: The 10 stage replacement filter produces fresh water by removing a significant amount of common water contaminants and bacteria found in tap water, including chlorine and lead, to help keep your water safe and clean.
  • The filter included. The cartridge is pre-installed in the housing to minimize packaging space.
  • Eliminates containments: 10 stage works to eliminate harmful contaminants such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, Organic and inorganic arsenic, mercury, lead, pesticides, and herbicides, which contribute to illnesses.
  • Easy replacement: The cartridge is easy to replace and produces approximately 1, 500 gallons of water, or enough to last one year for a family of four.
  • Environmentally responsible: by using a kitchen water filter at home, you can save money on water bottles and you can help eliminate the amount of plastic water bottles being used.
  • New Wave Enviro: new wave is a family-owned company based in sunny Colorado. Their Enviro products are designed to inspire and support healthy, active living.
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