Plant Lights for Indoor Plants -, Plant Light with 64 Full Spectrum LED, Adjustable Dual Head Gooseneck Growing Lamps with Stand, 5 Dimmable Levels 3/9/12H Timer by Jasius




  • 🌿QUICK HARVEST CYCLE🌿This LED grow lights diverts targeted wavelengths for plants. The 16 Blue LED chips ensure plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination. 48 Red LED chip contributes to effective germination, flowering, and enhances photosynthesis for better results.Good for house, desk plants.
  • 🌿INCREASED LIFESPAN LED🌿 Grow Lights have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which is much longer than traditional Growing Lamp Bulbs. A large reason for this is the low operating temperature of the lights. Conventional Growth Lamps produce a lot of heat, which reduces their lifespans significantly. To ensure this, all quality LEDs are certified by RoHS.
  • 🌿ENERGY SAVINGS🌿Desktop LED growth lights are more efficient than traditional growing bulb, consuming 60% less energy to give the same level of light. They emit less heat and provide more usable light than traditional Grow Light. Also small remote control have timer which allows open and close grow light automatically.
  • 🌿HEALTHIER PLANTS🌿 Grow Lights for indoor plants that emit more UV rays, IR rays and heat are counterproductive to plant growth. This is because they can cause plants to burn and dry up quickly, which leads them to need more water and energy to stay alive. With LED grow lights, heat and harmful wavelengths of light are limited. As a result, the water and energy is used to grow and develop healthier plants and not to merely survive.
  • 🌿FULL SPECTRUM 🌿 The use of LED grow lights enables growers to regulate the wavelength of light, which enhances photosynthesis. Traditional grow light emit a lot of light in the green and yellow wavelengths, which plants don’t really use. This is basically wasted energy. With LED Grow Light, you can give the plants the exact spectrum of light they need. This way you get the most our of your energy dollar. Jasius LED Grow Light fixtures give you all the light your plants need and nothing more.
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