The Revelation of Bettie Page (2018)

Corne AkkersSKU: SF5O075230



The Revelation of Bettie Page (2018) In this painting I tried to work out some grand themes: sex and religion. There is nothing more to say about the ‘what. About the ‘how I would like to mention Johannes Itten who spoke on balance in all sorts of contrasts so eloquently. I tried to balance the big themes and the details just like Jan van Eyck did in his famous painting ‘Madonna of Chancellor Rolin. I always was fascinated by its mechanisms: the main theme of the Madonna worshipped by Rolin is the painting 1.0. For spectators who want to see more there is the painting 2.0: a landscape and a city full of activity but it does not interfere with the 1.0. This is what I wanted for my painting as well and I hope it it will serve as an hommage to the arts and crafts of the old masters in these days of artistic confusion all around us. Oil on wood panel (85 x 120 x 0.9 cm) Artist: Cornà Akkers

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