UCGOU #0 Black Poly Bubble Mailers 6x10 Inch Padded Envelopes Shipping Bags 50pcs




  • BLACK BUBBLE MAILERS DIMENSION. 6x10 inch padded envelopes(usable size-6x9"), with opaque black poly film. The bubble envelopes feel nice to the touch and are perfect for labeling and stamping.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE BUBBLE MAILERS. The padded envelopes are lightweight and water-resistant. Lower the shipping cost of your business and protect your products on the rainy or snowy day.
  • SELF SEALED ENVELOPES. The adhesive on the fold-over flap is strong enough and goes end-to-end. There's no need reinforcement tape and it doesn't come apart unless you tear it up.
  • CUSHION MAILERS. These are black mailer envelopes lined with 80gsm bubble. The padding is sufficient to mail the items that needed protection. Keep your products safety and make your customer no complaint.
  • MAIL STUFF. The envelopes are strong and you could mail CD, viedo games and movies (within the usable size of 6x9"). The quality of the mailer will hold up them in shipping well.
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